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Less Drama, More You

We believe in the power of beauty to bring joy and inspiration to our lives.
Naku Lashes are designed to enhance the unique and natural look of your lashes.

your beauty and bring relief to your everyday and festive moments.
We want to inspire with our beauty and responsible choices.
We donate €0.50 to the Women's Bank for every product you buy.

Business star
NAKU® Lashes was born from the need of make-up artists and false eyelash users for a more natural
more natural looking loose eyelashes.
Sari Mendez is a make-up artist from Seinäjoki who noticed how most of the available
loose lashes were too long and plastic-looking for her clients. Since the shop
was unable to find a suitable one, there was a need to create a new loose eyelash brand with a focus on
naturalness, as the brand name suggests.
NAKU® Lashes loose lashes bring you out beautifully and don't steal the show. Soft
and shorter than standard silky fibres create a stunning addition to both day and night wear.
your day and evening look. Our eyelashes are gorgeous, precision handcrafted. That's why every pair of lashes is
unique, just like you. We don't use animal products, our lashes are
synthetic silk to mimic natural lashes.
At the heart of Naku is also the work of the charity. That is why we support the Women's Bank with 0,50€/
per pack. Our packaging also uses 90% less plastic than usual.
packaging, because we are the first on the market to introduce plastic packaging.
instead of a plastic lash tray. Our lashes can also be used
making them a more environmentally and purse-friendly alternative.
Welcome to the wonderful world of NAKU® Lashes #LessDramaMoreYou