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Helping and doing good is deep in the story of Silverpuro.
That's why we are particularly proud of our Mandu collection of jewellery, which creates faith in the life of an individual or an entire family in developing countries. Together we can make a positive impact - together we can do good.
Mandus are made in Nepal and Turkey.

Mandus made in Nepal carry the Fair Trade trademark. The jewellery industry provides employment for poor, vulnerable people, mainly women. Mandus allow us to bring livelihood and prosperity to people living in extreme poverty. Made in Nepal, Mandus are recognised by their stunningly rich and ornate design language.

The jewellery made in Turkey is designed by architect Tuomas Niemi. The sculptural shapes and surfaces symbolise hope and the future. Each piece of jewellery does good, as Jewelry is made by the hands of refugees fleeing the war in Syria and other people from discriminated groups. The work gives them hope and a chance to build a new life for their families.

Together we can do good.