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We import hundreds of stunning jewellery designs and sell jewellery from our own collections. In addition to our online shop and brick-and-mortar store, you'll be served by our 600 or so fabulous retailers all over Finland. Our beautiful, durable and affordable jewellery brings beauty to every day.

"I can't change the whole world alone,
but I can change one person's whole world."

My passion has always been working with jewellery. I have always wanted to sell the most beautiful jewellery and fold spectacular gift boxes. To be involved in people's special moments by helping them choose jewellery for life's special occasions. During my studies, I applied to work in jewellery shops until I finally got a job as a salesperson in a jewellery shop in Jyväskylä. Then, when the opportunity arose, I switched from working in a jewellery shop to becoming a jewellery entrepreneur. I had never dreamed of being an entrepreneur, but I have always wanted to seize opportunities. You never know where the door will lead if you don't open it. I'm more afraid of passing opportunities than failure. I thought I would be an entrepreneur in the jewellery industry for a few years. Now that 15 years have passed, I think Jewelry have become my life to stay - so many beautiful Jewelry and interesting designs still attract me. 

The injustice of the world is controlling and makes me feel uncomfortable. I think of myself as a crumb of sand in front of a big mountain when I see the injustice in the world. I feel privileged and want to take responsibility for a better future, even for those who were not given the same opportunity as me as a birth gift. As a Finn, I am well equipped for life and have the opportunity to realise my dreams. As an entrepreneur, I have realised that I have the opportunity to make a difference in my own life and in the lives of others - it is not enough just to feel sympathy. On a business trip to Nepal, I came across graffiti that really made me stop. The graffiti read "I always wondered why someone wasn't doing something about it, until I realised that someone was me". I can't change the whole world by myself, but I can change one person's whole world.

It took me several years to realise that the two ideas could be combined. Through Hopeapuro, I can be part of changing the world, because every company has the opportunity to reflect on its own networks and choose the actors that best fit its values. Hopeapuro is on the path to making a huge positive impact - providing valuable jobs that, in developing countries, can change the whole life of one person or family by creating a future and hope. In the future, we want to build a network of companies committed to changing the world. Through my company, I want to leave a legacy of goodness in the world and work towards that goal.

The first step towards our dreams has been to start working with a Nepalese company that produces Mandu jewellery with us. Mandu is Fair Trade certified jewellery, handcrafted in Nepal. Mandus are mainly made by people who are the most disadvantaged in society. By buying Mandu, you are creating wealth with us in Nepal. The jewellery bags made by Purnaa are another example of our steps towards dreams. Purnaa trains and employs people with special needs in Nepal, giving them the opportunity to continue their education while working, earn a fair wage and provide for their families. This is the path we want to continue on and take new steps.

There is still a long way to go, but there is no lack of will, hope and love from the Silver Brook people. We are a group of professionals who come to work in good spirits. We want to provide beautiful and lasting jewellery for everyone, giving you the opportunity to be part of changing the world with us.

Small steps towards a better tomorrow.

Annika Puro-Aho
Hopea-Puro's founder

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In addition to our own shop and online store, Silverapuro jewellery is sold by around 600 great retailers. You can find our jewellery in boutiques, hairdressers and beauty salons, and at events all over Finland. Our retailers also organise glittering jewellery parties.

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