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Over the years, her own jewelry collection has been born in Annika's thoughts as she travels the world and in nature. Light, delicate shapes have spoken to her and changed from inspiring shapes to jewelry with the help of the silversmith Lotta In Kukkola's hands. Annika and Lotta sat down at the same table together to design what the jewelry could look like. What material would it be made of? What color stones should they have? What are the flowers, based on which sketches and drafts will be made? What size jewelry would it be?

Based on these sketches, Lotta began working on model pieces by hand in her workshop. When she got all the specs finished and these Annika approvals, she made fashions for the jewelry. When she had completed all the model pieces and approved them with Annika, she made molds for the jewelry. The original designs and molds were sent on to production. 

The collection was awarded the prestigious Design from Finland -label. The label can be awarded to a company whose product range has been conceived and designed in Finland to form a clear and distinctive whole. Another prerequisite is the designer's strong professional skills and work experience in the sector.

We hope the jewelry in the collection will delight you as much as it delights us.

Puhdas Collection is only available from us and our resellers.

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The jewelry is packed by hand in Kauhava in jewelry boxes made in Finland. The bottoms of the jewelry boxes are made of recycled plastic and the lid is made of recyclable plastic. The jewelry is designed in Finland and made in China. Our representative has verified the factory's production conditions through an audit visit.