We've put together a few good tips to help you

A photo bank for brand ambassadors can be found on our intranet.

Light and joy

Silverapuro's slogan is "this day is beautiful". Beauty can be found in many different situations and moments, in everyday life as well as in celebrations. Natural light and different situations with different people bring out the beauty in jewellery. Our brand images also often show joy through smiling people. We would like to see these same themes from you: so that the images you produce also fit in best with our corporate identity.

A clear background

Jewelry are best shown against a clear, broadly monochrome background. Intricate settings and printed fabrics, for example, can easily distract from the jewellery. Silver also looks great with darker backgrounds.

Neutral tones 

For the background of product images, we choose neutral shades or Silverapuro brand colours in light pink or light grey. In our experience, bright colours do not convey the right mood.

Soft background 

Jewelry is full of wonderful details - that’s why they come out best when the background is out of focus. When shooting, the use of a large aperture helps dim the background.


The position of the jewelry matters. Jewelry is best understood when the layout is the same type as when dressed. The gaze also easily catches on the clasp, which was forgotten in the foreground, so we hope you pay attention to detail when shooting.

Product information 

Please check that the product information you have shared is correct. For example, our selection includes both silver and silver-plated jewelry, which are, sometimes, mixed. You can find detailed product information on all our jewelry in our online store, and our customer service will always be there for you. Feel free to contact us: we are here for you!

Described on top of the model  

If you wish, you can also photograph jewelry on top of the model. The model does not need to look at the camera, but pay attention to the position of the jewelry. It's a good idea to choose neutral clothes for your model.

I hope our jewelry brings a lot of beauty to your days!