All our jewellery is nickel-free.

Care instructions 


Silver is a delicate and classic precious metal. The beautiful white glamour of silver has fascinated people since ancient times. Even today, silver is the most popular material in jewelry.

Genuine silver darkens over time. Even darkened silver is not ruined, but can always be cleaned. Wear silver jewelry regularly. The use prevents silver from darkening. Cleaning should be done at the latest when the first signs of darkening are observed. You can clean silver jewelry even before darkening, thus protecting the jewelry and preventing darkening. You can also prevent darkening by storing silver jewelry in an airtight plastic bag. You can get silver cleaners from jewelers or large department stores. Silver jewelry should be kept separate from other metal objects and jewelry. Silver is easily scratched and loses its shine when scratched.

The 925 stamp is the most common mark for silver. The 925 stamp means a piece of jewellery containing 92.5% silver, known as sterling silver. All Hopea-Puro's silver Jewelry are nickel free.

Sometimes silver jewelry is rhodinized, i.e., coated with a thin layer of rhodium. The rhodium coating gives the jewelry a bright, high-gloss surface and prevents the jewelry from darkening.

Stainless steel

Steelmaking has been known in China since the 20th century, but as a jewelry material, stainless steel has gained popularity in recent years. The dark shade of the jewelry steel brings depth to the jewelry, and the properties of the metal make stainless easy to care for and long-lasting.

Stainless steel is a material that is non-allergenic and non-darkening. It is suitable for all allergy sufferers and cleaning it is easy. You can use case detergent and an old toothbrush to clean stainless steel jewelry.

The stamp of the jewellery steel is 316L, which you will find on all Silverpuro steel jewellery. 316L steel can also be called surgical steel.

Rhodiumized Jewelry

Rhodium plating means that the surface of the jewellery is treated with rhodium. It protects the jewellery and gives it a beautiful shiny surface. The rhodium-plated silver-powder jewellery has brass underneath and rhodium plating on top.

Silver-plated jewelry

The silver-plated jewelry stays beautiful for a long time and delights its owner when taken care of properly. With silver-plated jewelry, you should not go to the shower, sweat, or use it in the sauna. The silver surface should be protected from all chemicals and moisture. Silvering may darken over time. You can slow down darkening by storing silver jewelry in an airtight plastic bag. The silver-plated parts of the jewelry gradually wear out in use and the color of the metal, which may differ from the surface color, is revealed below.

Silver-plated jewellery is a cheaper option than full silver. Silver plated jewellery is an affordable way to add to your jewellery collection. Hopea-Puro's Silver plated jewellery is plated with brass. If your skin pH is strong, we do not recommend copper jewellery.

Silver Puro silver plated Jewelry are nickel free.

Jewelry alloy

Jewelry alloy is an alloy of several different metals. Using a jewelry metal alloy, the price of jewelry can be considered affordable for the customer. Jewelry metal alloy can be used to make jewelry of different colors. If you are particularly sensitive to nickel, we recommend only jewellery made of steel and silver.


Leather Jewelry should be taken off and stored before going to the shower or sauna. The leather of the jewelry is either industrial surplus or domestic reindeer leather. The material on the hook is stainless steel. Jewelry is handmade in Finland. 

Origin of jewelry

Anette Ahokas collection

Fashion designer Anette Ahokas designed her own jewellery collection for Silver Brook, which is not lacking in sparkle and showmanship. The jewellery is made from industrial surplus leather or domestic reindeer skin and Jewelry steel. Jewelry is largely handmade in Anette's own studio, so the degree of domesticity is high.

The jewelry has a one-year warranty.

Lotta -collection

The jewelry in the Lotta collection is completed in Kauhava, in the Lotta jewelry workshop, in the scenery of Lake Purmojärvi. The jewelry is made of silver and is all Finnish handicrafts from start to finish.

If you have a broken piece of jewelry or want to change the look of your jewelry, Lotta knows how to do this job as well. You can ask us for an offer on the goldsmiths.

Heta collection

Heta Salmi is a Porvoo-based jewelry maker, who draws inspiration from nature for her jewelry:

“I make sculptural silver jewelry as small series production.
I make my jewelry last a long time, that's why the design language is timeless and soft.
I work in Finland's oldest goldsmith's workshop in Aurum, the old town of Porvoo. I jog and exercise a lot in nature. I am constantly making observations and, sometimes, there may be an alone dandelion on the roadside that fascinates with its mundaneness and makes me think about its possibility of continuing its life as a jewel.”

Mandu Collection 

The Mandu collection Jewelry is made in Nepal and Turkey.

Mandus made in Nepal carry the Fair Trade trademark. The jewellery industry provides employment for poor, vulnerable people, mainly women. Mandus allow us to bring livelihood and prosperity to people living in extreme poverty. Made in Nepal, Mandus are recognised by their stunningly rich and ornate design language.

The jewellery made in Turkey is designed by architect Tuomas Niemi. The sculptural shapes and surfaces symbolise hope and the future. Each piece of jewellery does good, as Jewelry is made by the hands of refugees fleeing the war in Syria and other people from discriminated groups. The work gives them hope and a chance to build a new life for their families.

Mandu is a jewelry alloy and not recommended for very sensitive skin.


The Pinneli collection includes high-quality and fashionable hair products that help you save a bad hair day easily and quickly. The range includes a variety of pins, ties, scrunchies and hair clips, etc. The products are made of jewelry alloy and plastic, decorative beads, and stones are made synthetically. The ponytail holders are made of polyester. Try it and fall in love!

Pinneli products are manufactured in Korea. 

Puhdas Collection 

The collection was designed by the owner of Hopeapuro Annika Puro-Aho together with silversmith Lotta Kukkola. Lotta has drawn the jewellery designs based on Annika's ideas and made the models and moulds based on them. These were sent on to a familiar factory in Asia for production, which has been producing jewellery for us for several years. The logo for the collection is again the work of graphic designer Siiri Saarimaa. In autumn 2020, the Association for Finnish Work awarded the collection the prestigious Design from Finland label. The label can be awarded to a company whose product range has been conceived and designed in Finland to form a clear and distinctive whole. Another prerequisite is the designer's strong professional skills and work experience in the field.

Purnaa Collection 

The products of the collection are made in Nepal. The makers of the products are disadvantaged women. By buying the products they make, you offer them a safe job and create hope for a better tomorrow. Thanks to work, they can support their families and move forward in their lives. The products are high-quality handcrafted, ethically manufactured with the environment in mind, and guarantee decent work for the creator.

Other jewelry

Silver Jewelry (with the exception of Lotta, Heta and Anete's jewellery) comes mainly from a family business in Germany, where Jewelry are largely handmade. Other collections Jewelry come from a variety of factories and wholesalers, Europe and Asia.

Jewelry boxes

Jewelry boxes are made in Finland. The bottom of the jewelry boxes is made of recycled plastic and the lids are made of recyclable plastic.